Friday, July 13, 2007

Wevisor Finally Public

After about a month and a half of developing wevisor (a web frontend to revisor), we, Arjun and I, have finally moved it from the local subversion repository that we have here in New York, to a git repository on
Wevisor is designed to effectively make a kickstart file from a web gui, so that people that are unfortunate enough to have a computer without gtk and yum installed, can still compose a custom dvd for themselves.
It will eventually be setup to interact more with the gtk gui version called Revisor.

Grab a copy here (TurboGears, yum, and some other applications required):
git clone git://
For more information, you can look here (not much there yet):
The Revisor website:

If you try it, just be warned that it is in a pre-alpha state, and though I fix every bug I find, we are still adding many features, so the these revisions will probably have bugs. All input is appreciated, so if you try it and think of something you'd like, or find a problem, please let us know.

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